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Why Athena Marketing?

Athena Marketing is a trusted marketing advisor and resource to companies interested in the growth and success of their business. We have two pathways in which we work – one is being a valued service provider to our clients in which we utilize our expertise to accomplish their goals. The second path is being partners in entrepreneurial ventures where we are involved in developing the business model, creating the strategy and implementing the plans to achieve big success that has major impact.

We enjoy helping companies develop their marketing and branding strategy to maximize the value of their business. We work with our clients and our entrepreneurial partners to articulate who they are and what they are up to in business that is real and resonates with them and their target audience.

We are known as the “Go To” marketing resource for entrepreneurial communities and private equity groups and they reach out to us because they know we can maximize the value of their companies and investments. We are known for being able to form powerful teams with the right skill sets to take companies where they need to go.

We facilitate clear, focused and inspiring interactions with people that have a genuine and lasting difference in their lives and in their business. We create stories, images and interactions that support the marketing and brand vision and have a dramatic impact on their marketplace.

We enhance the value of our clients business by building their brand so it is well-recognized and respected and hence worth more in the marketplace. We are passionate about educating and supporting our clients and together creating and implementing a winning marketing strategy where everything within the organization is connected and maximizes the value of their business.

We approach every project with integrity, passion, amazing listening, an entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, collaboration, innovation and remarkable results.

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Our Values


We make a real difference with our clients. We honor our word and do what we say we will do. We do complete work and we do it well – as it was meant to be done or better – without cutting corners!


We bring tremendous energy, excitement and commitment to everything we do. We love delivering remarkable results for our clients and everyone feels it. We are fanatical about the impact marketing has on our client’s business.

Amazing Listening Skills

We pay attention to our clients and get in their world. We are ALWAYS fully present. We listen keenly for a business owner’s intention bring realized through the quality products and services they provide to their marketplace.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We provoke and articulate the richness and excitement of the entrepreneurial spirit. We are instrumental in helping business owners achieve their vision and build something from nothing. We are skilled at putting structure into place so dreams become reality.


We come up with new, relevant ideas and turn them into reality. We bring fresh thinking to every situations. Our clients benefit from our experience working in all different types of industries with different size clients.


We are fully invested in our relationships with our clients and their success. We get involved at a deeper level than what is expected. We become an important part of the team and can be counted on.


We find new “game-changing” ways to do business. We provide access to conversations that allow for something to become possible that wasn’t possible before. We are always seeking to show something in a new light.

Sustainable Remarkable Results

We work with our clients to uncover what is holding them back from having the results they want and we overcome those issues in a powerful way – resulting in breakthrough performance being achieved again and again!

Our Process

Every business has a unique set of problems, goals, market conditions, competition and budgets that requires customized marketing strategies. However, at Athena we have discovered that some marketing truths are universal. That knowledge allows us to approach our clients’ situations with certain set processes.

While being anything but a cookie-cutter approach, this common set of tactics allows us to immediately begin focusing on our client’s unique situation without trying to reinvent the wheel for every account. This includes strategy sessions that compel us to visualize the end result and determine the best way to get there on time and on budget.

We ask “Why?” and “How?” about every step we take to make sure we’re always on track. We compare our tactics to the company’s overall strategy to make sure our actions support the bigger picture. We develop a communication system between our clients and ourselves based on the way you prefer to work. No matter what degree of formality you require, this makes sure you stay in the loop and that the projects stay on track.

The outcome of these steps always proves to be consistent, well-planned strategic ideas and plans that give our unique clients a common result – success.


Our clients come in all shapes and sizes from various industries. From startups to established corporations, we work with a range of clients interested in working with an exceptional marketing partner and team. We work with B-B, B-C, and B-C&B.

Our Team:

We are a growing team of smart, creative and diverse individuals who are not only good at what we do, but have fun doing it – the true measure of any success.

Our Promise:

  • We are a powerhouse group focused on one thing – Results.
  • We have a passion for business and marketing and a commitment to do whatever it takes to get it done!
  • We will add value to your organization
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